José Luis Camacho-Sarraga, better known as “Jotaele” He was born on March 20, 1984 and is a Puerto Rican designer, currently based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has a graduate degree in Architecture at the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico in 2011. Trained as an architect, his work balances at the boundaries between music, art, design and architecture. JLDzine Studio established his workshop in 2006 while studying architecture.

In his Studio he creates three-dimensional models and performs  visualization images for architects, engineers and architect students. He also worked with Architects, Engineers, and also as a graphic designer. His first professional experience in the field of architecture began in his second year of college, when he worked part-time as an assistant with the architect Jaime Cobas.

His works usually arise from the desire to create things. Currently exploring the field of abstract art drawings.